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Medium-term Environmental Strategy

Overview of Konica Minolta’s Environmental Activities

Overview of Konica Minolta’s Environmental Activities

Three Sustainability Activities

Konica Minolta used backcasting to identify its vision for 2030, and then defined the actions it should take in the short and medium term. The Group is now carrying out three sustainability activities to help resolve social and environmental issues across its value chains.

The first, Sustainable Solution Activities, are focused on creating solutions to resolve social and environmental issues at the planning and development stages. The second, Sustainable Factory Activities and Carbon Neutral Partner Activities, both help to reduce environmental impact at the manufacturing and procurement stages. The third, Sustainable Marketing Activities, which includes Konica Minolta’s Environmental Digital Platform, help to strengthen relationships with customers and resolve sustainability management issues at the sales and service stages.

The Konica Minolta Medium-term Sustainability Plan 2022 sets targets and specifies action plans for creating social, environmental, and economic value through each of these activities, and the company is pursuing these efforts accordingly.

Sustainable Solution Activities

Background and Issues

Given growing concern about environmental and social challenges such as climate change and economic disparity, people’s values are shifting from pursuing material wealth to helping to improve the quality of society. By understanding the evolving values of society and contributing solutions, Konica Minolta is able to continue to provide competitive solutions that enhance its profitability.


While working to provide solutions that help solve challenges faced by customers and society as a whole, Konica Minolta also aims to encourage the widespread adoption of these solutions by broadly promoting their value. By taking initiatives like these, which also contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Konica Minolta strives to help build a sustainable society, earn social confidence, and achieve sustainable growth along with the broader society as a company of choice.

As one key measure to achieve this vision, Konica Minolta has been implementing its Sustainable Solutions Certification System since 2020. By defining solutions that help to resolve social and environmental issues, certifying products and services, and using this process to grow sales, the Group is helping to resolve social and environmental issues from an SDG perspective.

Sustainable Factory Activities / Carbon Neutral Partner Activities

Background and Issues

Increasingly urgent environmental challenges require society to use energy and resources more efficiently. There is a limit to the degree of environmental impact reduction that can be achieved solely by one company. Leading global companies should increase their positive contribution to global environmental preservation by expanding the focus of their activities to suppliers of parts and materials, throughout the entire supply chain.


Konica Minolta works to make its production processes even more efficient while promoting the development and improvement of production technology, striving to reduce both costs and environmental impact. We also share our environmental technologies and expertise with business partners and work with them to reduce their environmental impacts. Konica Minolta is determined to make significant contributions to protecting the environment throughout the supply chain.

To achieve this vision, Konica Minolta carries out Sustainable Factory Activities to reduce the environmental impact of its own manufacturing bases, while working to reduce energy, use resources effectively and use renewable energy. At the same time, the Group is implementing Carbon Neutral Partner Activities to offer suppliers the expertise on energy conservation and renewable energy that the company has amassed already. The Group aims to reduce environmental impact and lower costs through such means, and also seeks to be the choice of customers looking to meet the growing demand for carbon neutral approaches.

Sustainable Marketing Activities / Environmental Digital Platform

Background and Issues

With growing public demands to address environmental problems such as climate change and resource depletion, corporations are expected to carry out environmental activities that not only minimize risks but also promote business growth. To do this, companies need to reach beyond their own organizations and share value with customers, local communities, and other stakeholders. By taking action together, companies and their stakeholders can raise their combined level of contribution to global environment preservation throughout the value chain.


Konica Minolta contributes to the entire value chain by sharing its diverse environmental technology and expertise with customers to help resolve their environmental challenges. We seek to strengthen relationships with customers and continually create shared value, building on the foundation of trust they have with Konica Minolta.
By using DX to reinforce engagement with customers and resolving customers’ issues, Konica Minolta pursues Sustainable Marketing Activities and makes the most of its Environmental Digital Platform, both of which also contribute to sales.

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