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Customer Satisfaction and Product Safety

Konica Minolta Quality Policy

The Konica Minolta Group ensures maximum satisfaction and trust by our customers, paying the utmost attention to our customers and giving our top priority to the quality of products and services.

Our concept is to make steady progress in quality based on quantitative measurement and analysis of accurate data. This basic concept is demonstrated in the following affirmation:

“ Management Based On Facts”

  1. Achieving the industry's top level Customer Satisfaction
    We will provide products and services of high quality and high reliability to achieve the industry's top-level of Customer Satisfaction through continuous analysis of market trends and steady efforts for improvement.
  2. Providing advanced products that satisfy customers' potential needs
    We will always pursue ease of use from our customers' viewpoint with products on the cutting-edge of trends.
  3. Establishment and development of a global Quality System
    We will establish and develop a global integrated Quality System throughout the Konica Minolta Group, including worldwide affiliated companies.
  4. Quality Management in the total life cycle of products and services
    We will implement Quality Management to achieve our target based on quantitative measurement of quality at each life-cycle stage of products and services -- starting from planning, developing, manufacturing, usage, and disposal.
  5. Continued enhancement of Quality Assurance Process
    We will continue to improve job processes voluntarily and aggressively in order to enhance the Quality Assurance Process.
  6. Minimization of product quality risks
    We will take proactive measures and promptly respond to our customers in order to eliminate risks to our customers and our company caused by quality problems.
  7. Disclosure of product safety information
    We will actively disclose product safety information to ensure our customers will use our products without any anxiety and to fulfill our accountability to society.

April 1, 2022

Toshimitsu Taiko
President and CEO
Konica Minolta, Inc.