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Konica Minolta's Approach

Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

The Konica Minolta Group recognizes that, around the world, many people are forced to work with no respect for their rights or in deplorable conditions. Child and migrant workers*1 are particularly susceptible to these negatives. The Group also understands that companies must fulfill their social responsibilities, including making improvements in the areas of labor issues (human rights), ethics, the environment and health and safety, not only related to their own products, but also along the entire supply chain*2 involved in delivering these products to customers.

A migrant worker is a person who either migrates within their country of origin (internal migration) or outside it (crossing an international border) to pursue employment.
Supply chain: The series of activities involved in delivering a product or service to a customer, ranging from procurement and production to distribution and sales.


Konica Minolta aims to contribute to building a sustainable society that takes social issues such as human rights into consideration. To achieve this goal, we are working together with our clients along the entire supply chain to help solve these social issues. Through such initiatives, the business value of both Konica Minolta and our clients is improved, and by providing products that our customers can feel comfortable purchasing, we can ‘create shared value’.

Key Measures and KPIs

CSR procurement
KPI Results
Target Target year
Fiscal2020 Fiscal2021
Percentage of suppliers requested to take CSR measures - 100% 100% of suppliers asked to take CSR measures during the medium-term plan’s period (FY20-22) Fiscal 2022
Number of CSR assessments Four Group manufacturing sites, 40 suppliers 13 Group manufacturing sites, 30 suppliers CSR assessments carried out at all Group manufacturing sites and important suppliers (about 100 companies) Fiscal 2022
Number of CSR third-party audits (RBA-VAP) One supplier Two Group manufacturing sites, one supplier CSR third-party audits (RBA-VAP) carried out at particularly important Group manufacturing sites and particularly important suppliers (total of seven sites) Fiscal 2022
Response to responsible mineral procurement
KPI Results Target Target year
Percentage of suppliers returning conflict mineral surveys 98% 96% Maintain at 95% or higher in every year Fiscal
Percentage responding to requests for surveys from customers 100%
Maintain at 100% or higher in every year Fiscal