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Konica Minolta commemorates its 150 years in 2023.

Thanks to the support of our stakeholders, including customers, community members, shareholders, business partners, employees, and predecessors, we have continued to make progress for the past 150 years, adapting to various changes in the social environment. I am deeply grateful to everyone.

The history of Konica Minolta dates back to 1873 when Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic and lithographic materials. For these 150 years, Konica Minolta has been dedicated to creating new value in diverse ways through innovations in imaging. In response to people’s desire to “see,” we have developed imaging technologies for various uses, ranging from capturing images of the world as seen with our eyes, to visualizing the invisible, such as the earliest signs of diseases and unevenness in product quality. In doing so, we have continued to deliver new value to society. The aspirations and expectations of people we have met during our journey over the years have helped us continue growing and guided us toward further innovations.
At Konica Minolta, we are determined to meet people’s desire to “see” and continue evolving as a company that is strongly committed to solving social issues by leveraging the imaging technologies we have honed since our establishment, as well as cutting-edge digital technologies. We remain focused on working for the sustainable growth of humans and society, together with all our stakeholders.

150 years is just the start.

Toshimitsu Taiko
President & CEO
Konica Minolta, Inc.