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AeroDR2 1417HQ

Second-generation 1417 high-performance model providing high image quality. Offering load-tolerant performance and water resistance, as well as high image quality, this machine serves well in various hospital settings.

  • CsI scintillator, Higher DQE
  • Lightweight 2.6 kg, Robust structure
  • Water resistance IPX6
  • AeroSync (AED function) (AED: Automatic Exposure Detection)
  • Powered by a lithium ion capacitor

Self-developed and self-manufactured high-DQE CsI model

We developed and manufactured the detector internally including the scintillator, adopting CsI with excellent DQE for the scintillator, and achieved a superior DQE performance using column crystal technology. This makes it possible to achieve high-quality diagnostic images with about half the X-ray dose of CR, reducing the exposure risk to patients.

Combination of lightweight design and durability

To protect the detector from various daily impacts and loads, we adopted a lightweight robust monocoque carbon housing. We reduced the weight to 2.6 kg while maintaining high durability. The load tolerance allows a surface load of 300 kg and a point load of 150 kg. Also, the water resistance rating is IPX6, and the structure prevents the detector from damage due to penetration of blood or urine.

Long-life battery

This product is the first portable DR using a Lithium-ion capacitor, and has received attention in the environmental, energy, and many other fields. It is safer than Lithium-ion secondary batteries and is in no danger of firing due to overcharging or drop impact. Also, the Lithium-ion capacitor and the power saving technology have reduced the charging time to 30 minutes and eliminated the need for battery replacement.

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AeroDR 2 1417HQ

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