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AeroDR Rad

  • Maximize efficiency and capacity in your X-ray room
  • X-ray console can link up X-ray exposure condition with CS-7
  • High quality products
  • Low maintenance
  • Better patient care

Maximize efficiency and capacity in your X-ray room

Light handling of X-ray tube, wall stand, floating table top and remarkable lightweight wireless AeroDR flat panel detector allow for easy patient positioning, creating comfortable environment for both user and patient. Konica Minolta DR console CS-7 can link up X-ray exposure condition with x-ray console. Preview your image within 2 seconds, quick preview and cycle time ensure significantly higher productivity.

High quality products, Low maintenance

For X-ray systems high-class components are selected, including reliable microprocessor control high frequency x-ray generator with has worldwide reputation on excellent performance, lifetime and stability. The AeroDR detector features a number of unique characteristics, like the safe and long lasting built-in lithium-ion capacitor and a robust monocoque design. Selecting high quality components minimize maintenance visits and realize a short time installation.

Low dose, Better patient care

The optimal combination of the AeroDR detector using a Konica Minolta ICs deliver high quality images at a low dose.

AeroRAD System Lineup

Simple operation
  • Floor-Celling Mounted Tube Stand
  • Four-way Patient Table
Simple operation
  • Floor Mounted Tube Stand
  • Wall Bucky Stand
  • Elevating Patient Table
Simple operation
  • Celling Suspended Tube Stand

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