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  • Superior Image Quality (T2HI, Dual Sonic, iXRET)
  • Innovative design
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple Needle Visualization (SNV) technology
  • Easy to measure (Vascular NAVI, Auto IMT)

Hand-carried Ultrasound System Designed for You

The SONIMAGE HS2 is a Point-of-Care portable ultrasound system designed to support a wide range of applications and patient types. Konica Minolta’s advanced technology features provide high resolution image quality and efficient workflow for daily clinical practice.

Advanced Technology for Superior Image

Unique Nanofabrication Technology, combines both material and machining expertise, to produce broad frequency linear probe “L18-4”. It offers both high sensitivity as well as greater penetration.

Advanced Technology

T2HI (Traid Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
Dual Sonic Technology

By combining T2HI and Dual Sonic, high quality THI signal is formed around the center of ultrasound beam in receiving area.
As a result, it suppresses the acoustic noise and ensure the optimum image from deep to superficial structure.

Traid Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Median nerve


The SONIMAGE HS2 achieves higher resolution and faster frame rates by utilizing Konica Minolta's unique technology "iXRET".


SNV (Simple Needle Visualization)

The SONIMAGE HS2 automatically detects needle insertion.
This funciton can be used both 'In plane' and 'Out of plane'.

Efficient Workflow for Daily Clinical Practice

The SONIMAGE HS2 delivers intuitive workflow by customizing 8 physical buttons and touch panel.

MPA (Multi Parameter Adjuster)

MPA enables to change multiple image parameters like frequency change and turning trapezoid on in conjunction with depth change.

Vascular NAVI

All necessary adjustments and operations are realized automatically.
By touching the mode and measurement button, semi-automatic measurement also achieved.
This function supports easy workflow for blood vessels and blood flow volume measurements.

Drawing Feature

The SONIMAGE HS2 offers the unique capability to write text and draw lines and figures using fingers on the screen. This is an excellent tool for training and communication with patients.

Full Screen Display

Voice Control

Direct recording

to external media

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