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We will answer the questions below.

About our OLED lighting business as a whole

What is OLED?

Refers to the phenomenon of making a particular organic matter light up by applying voltage to it.
Please see “What is OLED?” for more details.

Why is Konica Minolta working on development for lighting?

This is because we believed that applying technologies from the camera and photo film segments that used to form the core of our business, we could deliver high added value for our customers. We are developing and manufacturing OLED lights by utilizing optical design, organic functional material design and synthesis, high-speed film deposition, and other technologies developed in our camera and photo film business segments.

What are the advantages over LED lighting?
What is special about the products Konica Minolta makes?

In “Our Values” we do some of our own exploration to share with you the differentiating advantages and added value of our OLED lighting compared to similar products from other companies, and compared to existing products such as LED lighting. Please take a look.

Do you also make OLED displays?

We are developing our business as a specialist in the OLED lighting field.

Do you make glass substrate type OLED lighting?

We are not currently developing or manufacturing glass substrate type OLED lighting. We believe that resin substrate type OLED lighting offers higher added value in terms of thinness, lightness, design, operability, and safety (it doesn’t break). We are developing our business around resin substrate flexible OLED lighting.

Where do your development and production take place?

Our development base is in the city of Hachioji, in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Our production base is in the city of Chuo, in Yamanashi Prefecture. For further details, please see “Business Overview.”

I am interested in collaboration with Konica Minolta on the development of products.

Please contact us with your individual inquiries.

I would like to visit the showroom introduced in “OLED Lab.”

There is a showroom for corporate customers at our sales office in Hachioji, Tokyo. Please send an inquiry if you would like to arrange a visit. We humbly ask for your understanding in that this is not a showroom for the general public.

About technology

Can I order sizes other than those shown in “Product Information”?

We will take it into consideration, so please send an individual inquiry.

Why doesn’t the area around the OLED lighting (the frame part) light up?

The properties of OLED itself make it weak against water and oxygen, so there needs to be an area that seals off the electrode section and organic materials from the open air.

Is it OK to cut it myself into any shape that I want?

Unfortunately, you cannot cut it yourself into any shape that you want. This is because the properties of OLED itself make it physically weak against water and oxygen, so it requires an area (the frame part) around the OLED light panel that seals off the electrode section and organic materials from the open air. If you cut it into your desired shape, you will lose the effect of this sealing-off area.

Can it be used outdoors?
Will it be OK if it gets wet?

If the water-resistant processing technology that our company developed is applied, it should be OK to a certain degree. Our products used for illumination have a strong reputation in outdoor displays.

I would like to know product specifications and technical information about products other than those listed above.

Generally, we provide such information after concluding an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Please send an individual inquiry.

About Sales

What should I do to purchase products?

Please start the process by filling out an inquiry form and sending it to us.

How long will it take to be delivered?

This depends on the product, so please inquire individually.

How can I become an agent or retailer for Konica Minolta products?

Please contact us with your individual inquiries.

For more details, please feel free to contact Konica Minolta by clicking "Contact Us" below.

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