Flexible OLED lighting

Konica Minolta’s new OLED panel; A revolutionary new type of light source.


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Flexible: Flexible light by way of an evolution in design

With a curvature radius of 10 mm, we have brought to reality previously unavailable OLED panels. The flexibility revolutionize existing concepts of light sources. Even when bent, the panels evenly produce light that is uniform across the panel’s surface.

Thin: Astonishingly thin—like a sheet of paper

OLED lighting is composed of extremely thin organic layers to achieve a final thickness of only a few hundred nanometers. The amazingly thin layer is less than 1/1000th the thickness of a strand of hair. The result is a panel whose thickness is almost entirely unaffected by the luminescent material. Konica Minolta’s flexible OLED panels, which use a plastic substrate, are only 0.35 mm thick, or approx. 1/5 the thickness of existing glass panels.*

Comparison applies to Konica Minolta products

Light: Ultra lightweight panels easily surpassing everyday notions of lighting

For single panels,*1 we have achieved remarkable parameters of 5g (0.06 g/cm2) in weight, or approximately 1/5*2 the weight of glass substrate panels. These parameters clear the weight hurdle facing existing light sources (such as bulbs and tubes), while Konica Minolta’s flexible OLED panels extend the achievement even further.

150 mm x 60 mm panels
Comparison applies to Konica Minolta products

Panel Variations

Color-tunable panels that make free coloring possible

We have developed the world’s first flexible OLED lighting panels with color tuning functions. The panels employ a layered structure that differs from display panels and provides uniform light production with color tuning free from granularity. Moreover, this innovation increases the range of possible designs for products emitting diverse colors of light.

Patterned art panels that create versatile decorations with low power consumption

Patterns can be freely drawn on the flexible panels. Precisely detailed down to the thickness of a strand of hair, these patterns can be expressed with rich levels of gradation. When unlit, the pattern completely disappears, leaving a mirror-like surface. Furthermore, since only the areas that emit light consume power, the overall energy advantages of the panels are superior to conventional lighting that uses backlighting and patterned covers.

  External dimensions Thickness Weight Radius of Curvature  
White 150×60mm 0.35mm 5g 10mm
Color-tunable 50×30mm 0.29mm 0.6g 10mm
  White Color-tunable
External dimensions 150×60mm 50×30mm
Thickness 0.35mm 0.29mm
Weight 5g 0.6g
Radius of Curvature 10mm 10mm
We also offer panels whose colors change depending on the viewing angle.
The patterned art panels that we offer only emit white light.



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