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Overview of the Activities

Konica Minolta conducts Green Supplier activities to help suppliers save energy and reduce material usage, which in turn reduces both their environmental impact and operating costs. This is accomplished by providing suppliers with the environmental technologies and expertise that it has cultivated through its Green Factory activities. Konica Minolta’s environmental experts visit supplier production sites and propose energy, resource and waste management improvements, including their cost reduction benefits and investment rationale. Konica Minolta will continue to work closely with suppliers to reduce environmental impact.

Fiscal 2016 Activity Results

In fiscal 2016, Konica Minolta started Green Supplier activities at four new companies, bringing the total to nine when including the two companies it started working with in fiscal 2014 and the three companies in fiscal 2015. By the end of fiscal 2016, three of these companies achieved their Green Supplier Activity Targets, which are equivalent to the level of the Green Factory Certification Standards.

Green Supplier Activity Targets
Issue  Management Index Target
(2.5 years after activity launch)
Prevention of global warming CO2 emissions 5% reduction
(compared to the last year before activity launch)
Energy costs 5% reduction
(compared to the last year before activity launch)
Waste reduction External discharge quantity 12.5% reduction
(compared to the last year before activity launch)
Material / waste costs Cost reduction greater than waste expenses
Final disposal rate 0.5% or less
Reduction of chemical risk Reduction of chemical risk Compliance with chemical substance guidelines
Companies That Achieved Green Supplier Activity Targets
Achievement Date Company Activity Launch
Mar. 2016 Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd. FY2014
Mar. 2017 Toyo Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. FY2014
Mar. 2017 Allied Technologies (Saigon) Co., Ltd. FY2015

Voice of a Supplier | Allied Technologies (Saigon) Co., Ltd

In our daily lives, we receive much information about global warming, the greenhouse effect, and CO2 emissions, which are contributing to environmental risk with rising temperatures, rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions that affect the lives of human beings and other living organisms around the world. Konica Minolta introduced the Green Activity program at Allied Vietnam in 2015. Through the Green Activity program, my team has been introduced to the benefits these activities can have for the company. We understand that it can contribute to cost reduction, increased sales opportunities, reduced business risk, and the environmental awareness of every employee.
Through the program, Konica Minolta, working with Allied, evaluated ways to save energy and reduce waste, took productive measures to make plans, and executed to meet the targets set. This, in turn, met the wider goal of working to curb global warming and supporting a recycling oriented society.
During the activity, Konica Minolta continuously shared with Allied many methods for reducing energy use, and also shared their experience with best practices to enable us to execute the program effectively.
Moving forward, Allied will continue to sustain the activities that are in place, and will also continue to make plans for reducing energy and recycling waste, working to be part of a company that exercises its social responsibility to the community.

Tung Gee Khim
Group Operation Manager
Allied Technologies (Saigon) Co., Ltd.

Voice of a Supplier | Changhong Technology Co., Ltd.

As part of the Green Supplier activities, Konica Minolta environmental manufacturing experts visited our production site, and we discussed environmental measures for molding machines and utilities use. Preparing for the actual implementation of the suggested measures, we visited a Konica Minolta production site in China, and we were able to address our situation while discussing specific ways to proceed. The local government places great importance on energy-saving activities, and we received a monetary incentive after reporting the energy-saving initiatives we took through the Green Supplier activities. We were able to reduce our emissions by 800 tons per year, and also contributed to CO2 emissions reduction in China.

Xu Yanping
Changhong Technology Co., Ltd.

Visiting a Konica Minolta site to see environmental measures

Voice of a Supplier | Toyo Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

I think the biggest feature of the Green Supplier Initiative is the way in which Konica Minolta is committed to coming into suppliers’ sites and working with them to make improvements.
Indeed, the people who visited our factory did not just bring the methods cultivated in Japan as-is; rather, they thought together with us about what kinds of measures we need. This method improved the motivation of our employees, and an attitude of thinking on one’s own and devising improvements started to spread throughout the company.
Going forward, we are determined to keep cooperating with Konica Minolta to form and implement environmental plans and measures, and foster a system and culture that values environmental management.

Lou Yiliang
Chairman and Managing Director
Toyo Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Activity Policies for the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2019

With the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2019, Konica Minolta is continuing to expand its Green Supplier activities. Until now, Konica Minolta has been promoting its efforts by sending environmental experts to visit suppliers. With this approach, however, the number of improvement cases was limited. To increase impact, the company has digitalized its energy-saving diagnosis method and has created a database of resources to share its expertise, and is promoting its utilization. As a result, suppliers can now identify their own areas for improvement, and take action to improve their practices and cost-effectiveness. This database is expected to have a broad impact and result in an even greater contribution to environmental sustainability.
Furthermore, by expanding information sharing and collaboration with customers, in combination with the Digital Manufacturing efforts being advanced by Konica Minolta, the Green Supplier activities are evolving into a system for gathering and utilizing knowledge, and this will enhance the company’s contribution to the reduction of environmental impact.

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