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Green Factories (procurement and production initiatives)

Resource Conservation and Recycling in Production Operations

Promoting Resource Conservation and Recycling at Production Sites

Konica Minolta has implemented a variety of measures to reduce and recycle waste generated from production operations and is striving to reduce the amount of waste discharged, with the aim of creating a recycling-oriented society.

Examples of Main Measures
Reduce material loss Improvement in materials, parts, and product yield rates
Reduce packaging materials Switching to simple packaging, increasing quantities inside packages
Reuse packaging materials Switching to reusable shipping containers within the company, between production sites, and with parts suppliers
Reduce mold scrap Adoption of dies with no molding scrap, minimization and internal recycling of molding scrap
Reduce press scrap Minimization of feed pitch
Reduce support materials Reuse of cleaning solvents, reuse of molding machine oil
Reuse pallets Switching to reusable pallets with parts suppliers, changing the size of pallets for parts and using them to ship products

Examples of Initiatives

Reducing the Amount of Waste Discharged by Applying the 3Rs to Plastic Mill Ends

Konica Minolta makes an active effort to apply the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) to the mill ends generated at production sites in the molding processes for plastic parts. Konica Minolta Business Technologies (WUXI) Co., Ltd. and Konica Minolta Business Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., which are companies producing business technologies products in China, reduced their use of plastic raw material by developing and installing molding dies that do not generate mill ends.

They reduced the material input through the use of hot runners in molding dies, the minimization of runner sizes, and the pulverization and reuse of runner mill ends. Then, they made effective use of unneeded mill ends as material in such things as parts racks used in factories and parts boxes used in the shipment of parts from suppliers.

Reducing Packaging Material Waste

Konica Minolta is making efforts to reduce the disposal of packaging materials used at production sites when procuring materials and parts. For instance, it has simplified packaging, such as switching from stretch film for wrapping parts boxes together to packing belts that can be reused, and it has reduced the amount of packaging materials used by changing the number of units purchased when procuring materials to increase the number of units packed into boxes. Additionally, it has changed parts boxes from cardboard to reusable foldable boxes made using mill ends recycled from plastic parts. It also does not dispose of packaging cushioning, but instead returns it to suppliers for reuse, in order to reduce waste discharge.

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