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Helping Customers Reduce Environmental Impact through Optimization of Their Document Printing Environments

Contributing to workflow streamlining and lower environmental impact in offices through optimization of the document printing environment

The Optimized Print Services (OPS) offered by Konica Minolta is a solution that delivers benefits including optimized equipment arrangement and improved capacity utilization through an all-in-one contract for the operation of printing devices such as printers and MFPs. Konica Minolta offers OPS globally, and the companies that have signed global contracts with Konica Minolta thus far are located around the world in diverse industries that range from insurance and financial services to international logistics services and industrial equipment and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Optimization of the printing infrastructure through OPS not only helps customers streamline workflow and reduce costs in their offices; it also contributes to the reduction of environmental impact. For example, consolidating several printing devices into an MFP and updating to the latest models providing energy-saving effects can reduce power consumption significantly. Moreover, continuous monitoring of device usage leads to a reduction of wasteful printouts, while the digitalization of documents translates into reduced storage space and less consumption of paper resources.

Examples of Support to Reduce Environmental Impact through OPS

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd., a sales company in the UK, has provided OPS to a local university since 2012. Completely reconsidering the work of creating documents on campus resulted in a reduction of printing paper used from 10 million sheets a year to 3.5 million sheets two years later. This also led to the removal of printing facilities established on campus, which had a major cost-reduction effect.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S., a sales company in France., examined the paper usage and energy consumption situation for a marine transportation company. The sales company identified wasteful practices and made a proposal to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% in 3 years.

Support to Reduce Environmental Impact through Office Reforms

Enhancing the ability to provide solutions through actual practice in its own offices

Konica Minolta offers office solution services that contribute to work style reforms, on top of reducing environmental impact, through optimization of office environments. When Konica Minolta Business Solutions Japan Co., Ltd. moved its head office, it took a variety of measures in its new office in order to verify for itself the effects of its solutions and also to enhance its ability to propose solutions to customers by demonstrating actual practice.

For example, it implemented such wide-ranging office solutions as the optimal positioning of MFPs, the reduction of printouts and document storage space through document digitization, the reduction of business trips and transportation through the adoption of teleconferencing, and the increase of information management sophistication using the cloud environment.

These solutions led to reductions in environmental impact and costs, including a 24% reduction in copy paper printouts, a 44% reduction in electricity consumption, and a 44% reduction in CO2 emissions. They also freed up more than 200 square meters of space within the office. Additionally, work style improvements stimulated communication among employees, creating a highly productive office environment marked by on-target communication. What is more, this new office is used as a live showroom that customers can experience.

Eco Calculator

The Eco Calculator provided on the website can calculate the annual power consumption of products in Konica Minolta’s bizhub series of MFPs, allowing customers to conduct a simulation of reductions in energy costs and CO2 emissions that would result from replacing models.

Contributing to the Reduction of Environmental Impact through Print on Demand (POD) Service

Contributing to cost reductions and energy savings by undertaking customers’ printing work

The POD service offered by Kinko’s Japan Co., Ltd. handles printing in a short time according to customers’ requests. For example, by using this service during their busy seasons, customers no longer need to always have enough of their own printers ready to handle the print volume of peak times. This allows customers to keep down costs for installing and maintaining equipment, and it also translates into resource and energy savings for society as a whole.

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