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Giving Shape to Ideas

Green Marketing (distribution, sales, service, recovery, and recycling initiatives)

Reduction of Use of Packaging Materials

Konica Minolta reduces its packaging material use by improving the shape of packaging, reusing cartons for items sent between production sites and recycling packaging materials.

Major Initiatives

Reducing the Size of Packaging for Developing Units and Waste Toner Boxes

Konica Minolta reduced packaging materials by optimizing buffer materials for multi-function peripherals (MFPs) for offices and production printing systems. At production sites in China, acceleration measurement devices were attached to the products and sent on various routes by ship, truck and railway to sales companies worldwide. The impact value received from production to package opening was then measured. Based on this data on impact values, the impact was dispersed by optimizing the placement and shape of buffer materials the cushion, so that thinner buffer materials could be used while still maintaining the same or better shock resistance and reducing the use of packaging materials. As a result, a smaller container could be adopted and the improved transport efficiency helped to reduce CO2 emissions during distribution.

Recycling Used Packaging Materials

Konica Minolta’s sales companies are also making efforts to recycle used packaging materials. Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd., a sales company in the UK, established the “Greenhub” recycling center inside its logistics warehouse. It separates used packaging materials for MFPs into cardboard, styrene foam, and film, and then crushes and compresses them before selling them to a local recycling operator. In the Greenhub it pulverizes and compresses styrene foam, which has low transportation efficiency due to its large volume relative to weight, in an effort to reduce environmental impact associated with its transportation. The Group is carrying out similar initiatives in China, France, Belgium, Germany, and Japan.

Foamed polystyrene crusher

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