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Environmental Management Concept

Greater Business Contribution by Helping Solve Environmantal Issues

Under its management vision, Konica Minolta aims to be a global company that is vital to society. To realize this vision, it is necessary to identify social challenges as business opportunities and generate innovative solutions, which in turn will drive Konica Minolta’s own sustainable growth.
Konica Minolta's environmental management is based on the concept of growing existing businesses and creating new ones by helping to solve environmental challenges and contributing to environmental protection. The aim is to grow the company and become an enterprise that is vital to the world.

Solving environmental issues based on the SDGs and expanding business contribution

Creation of Shared Value with Stakeholders to Realize " Carbon Minus" Status

When working to overcome environmental challenges on a global scale, there is a limit to what can be achieved by just one company. This is why it is essential to expand the impact of environmental efforts by working with stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, and local communities.
Konica Minolta is working toward Carbon Minus status to reduce the environmental impact of society as a whole by collaborating with stakeholders, including business partners and customers.
Furthermore, the company has been developing a digital environmental platform as a measure to collaborate with more companies.
For example, by creating a database of energy-saving methods used internally and sharing it with business partners, Konica Minolta can help suppliers to devise and implement their own energy-saving measures. By sharing these activities with customers and expanding the circle of cooperation globally, Konica Minolta believes that it can make a dramatically greater contribution to solving global environmental problems.

Medium-Term Approach to Environmental Activities

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