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Providing Solutions for Work-Style Reforms to Transform Workflow at Business

Social Issue

Many countries are working to increase productivity and improve work environments

Improving productivity and work environments is one of the key themes for the sustainable development of society. In Japan in particular, where the labor force is shrinking due to a declining birthrate and an aging population, work-style reform is being promoted to improve labor productivity while offering flexible work options.

Konica Minolta's Innovation

Promoting work-style reform with Workplace Hub and other solutions

Today's workplaces must deal with large quantities of electronic data, as well as printed information such as meeting documents and invoices. They also must consider the conversations, physical movements, and health conditions of the people working there. By digitizing all this information, bringing it together, and analyzing it with the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, invisible issues in the office can be identified. Konica Minolta's Workplace Hub (WPH) is a platform that supports customers' business transformation and work-style innovation by offering solutions to problems that customers themselves are not yet aware of. By providing solutions that address issues in offices as well as specific industries such as manufacturing and hospitals, Konica Minolta is contributing to the productivity of working people.

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