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Net sales by segment Business Technologies Industrial Business Healthcare その他 Business Technologies Industrial Business Healthcare その他
Industrial Business

This business company consists of businesses in the fields of display materials, optics and measuring instruments.

Display materials field

Konica Minolta Advanced Layers, Inc. develops TAC film for LCD polarizers and VA-TAC film for increasing viewing angle, both of which are widely used in monitors for televisions, PCs and mobile phones.
Moreover, the Company led the industry in commencing mass production of 25μm ultra thin TAC film for the mobile phone market, further boosting competitiveness in thin plain TAC film products.

Optics field

Konica Minolta Optics, Inc. has businesses in the manufacture and sale of pickup lenses for optical disks, particularly objective lenses used in DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ drives for AV equipment and PCs, glass substrates for HDDs used mainly in 2.5-inch hard disks for notebook PCs, digital cinema projector lenses, interchangeable lenses for digital cameras and zoom lens units for compact digital cameras.

Measuring instruments field

Operations include the manufacture and sale of industrial and medical measuring instruments including light source color measuring instruments such as chroma meters used in quality control of displays and LED illumination modules for smartphones and other applications during the manufacturing process and display color analyzers.

Market Position
Growth Strategy Review of Operations
Business overview and market position Business Technologies

This business company consists of the mainstay office field and the growth field of production print.

Office field

Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. is engaged in the worldwide manufacture and sale of office equipment centered on A3 MFPs (multi-functional peripherals) and A4 MFPs based on laser printers, as well as equipment maintenance services and IT solutions.

Market position A3 color MFPs: Top-level share in markets outside Japan

Production print field

In addition to the existing “business convenience store” business field, offering services related to intensive in-house printing as well as copying and data printouts, the Company is involved in manufacture and sales of equipment for digital printing and related solution services in the commercial printing field where high market growth is expected going forward, driven by small lot printing of multiple items.

Market position Top ranking share of global market
Growth Strategy Review of Operations

In the healthcare field, where digitization is gaining momentum, Konica Minolta MEDICAL & GRAPHIC, INC. is promoting manufacture, sales, maintenance and related solution service businesses for healthcare equipment and materials including diagnostic imaging systems, centered on high-resolution digital X-ray systems that take advantage of cutting-edge image processing technology.

Market position
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