Annual Report 2013

Giving Shape to Ideas

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Research and Development

Basic Approach

R&D Expenses and Ratio to Net Sales
R&D Expenses for Common Technology Platforms and Leading-Edge Technologies as a Percentage fo Total R&D Expenses

The Konica Minolta Group has adopted the management philosophy “The Creation of New Value” and the communication message “Giving Shape to Ideas,” and is broadly and proactively promoting the development new products and new technologies. These efforts involve not only strengthening its 12 core technologies in the four fields of materials, optics, nano-fabrication, and imaging, but also combining these core technologies with each other and with digital technologies. Moreover, the environment is a major theme, and the Group is promoting the development of environmentally responsible products that conserve energy and can be recycled, with the aim of realizing a sustainable planet and society.

All Group research activities are conducted based on the group-wide technological strategy, which has five basic policies: “combining and integrating our core technologies and fundamental technologies to promote strong growth” “promoting environmentally responsible technological development to achieve the goals of our Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015” “enhancing the Group's fundamental technologies” “pursuing technological value” and “strengthening research personnel capabilities.” The Group aims to promote product development in existing business areas and create new value in areas that meet the future needs of society, including the new growth fields of “environment and energy” and “health, safety and security.”