Annual Report 2013

Giving Shape to Ideas

Growth Strategy

  • Medium Term Business Plan “G PLAN 2013”
  • Business Technologies Business
  • Industrial Business
  • Healthcare Business
  • Reinforcement Our Global Management Base

Growth Strategy:Business Technologies Business

  • Production Print
  • Office

Production Print

Priority measures
  • Expand the product line-up from lightweight to heavy systems

We will further promote sales in the lightweight production market, in which we have established a strong presence. In addition, we will expand our product line-up in the midweight and heavyweight production markets in order to respond to the wide-ranging needs of the commercial print domain, in which digitalization is progressing.

  • Strengthen our capabilities to meet customer needs by type of industry

Based on market characteristics that differ by region, we will increase our expertise with regards to the challenges of each industry and respond accurately to increasingly sophisticated and diversifying customer needs.

  • Achieve the top position in the color PV field

We will increase the number of our mainstay color equipment units in the PV field and seek to maximize color output in parallel with the digitalization of the commercial printing market.

  • Strengthen proposal capabilities and sales capabilities in the In-house printing market

We will focus on strengthening our proposal and sales capabilities in order to capture mass quantity in-house printing needs.

Our Strengths and Competitive Advantages

  • Top-class share of global color market
  • Spectacular image quality, high resolution, high stability, high reliability
  • Paper handling that meets professional needs and wide-ranging in-line post processing options

Market trends and position

Market growth potential -Priduction Print-