Customer Story

Customer Story

Ienaga Printworks Co., Ltd.

Ienaga Printworks Co., Ltd was founded in 1955 in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, and currently serves textile converters as its main customers. This is a story of a family and employees who are challenging new textile printing utilizing the merits of digitalization in order to carry on the traditions with creativity of craftsmen cultivated in the town of traditional textile industry since the 8th century into the future.


SATINSKIN TÊXTEIS SA started textile business operation in 2012. 100% Digital Company. All textiles are printed by inkjet technology. Printed products are recognized as high quality in not only domestic market but also in Germany, the UK, and Spain, with more than 90% for apparel and the rest for home furniture (sheets, towels, etc.).

İlay Textile

İlay Textile is a Turkish Textile enterprise founded in 1992 in Bursa. With their facility’s indoor space of 50,000 m2, approximately 500 employees and over 40,000 patterns, İlay offers rapid and creative solutions for the continuously changing needs of the fashion world. İlay Textile With its manufacturing excellence and professionalism and provide innovative printing technology to our domestic and international business partners.

Teintures et Impressions de Lyon

Teintures et Impressions de Lyon (TIL) is a French company with a long history that specializes in textile printing for clothing.
Founded in the 19th century and now a subsidiary of the Deveaux Group, it is constantly evolving through know-how, quality, and innovation, becoming an integral part of the French textile market, collaborating with customers such as Camaïeu, Promod and Zara. became.
Based on environmental protection, employee respect and safety, TIL invests daily in digital technology and sustainable product development.


A comprehensive silk high-tech company established in Shenzhen in 1997. From sericulture to silk fabric production and printing, it is recognized as the Nanoscale Intelligent Silk Digital Printing Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province.
And in terms of design, Tongyixin Pattern Design Center keeps innovating, effectively solving the problem of product homogeneity in the industry and making all fabric products more competitive in the market.


Azzurra was founded in Como, Italy in 1983. Azzurra has been active for many years providing printing on a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics for high fashion garments, ready-to-wear, luxury apparel such as ties and scarves. There are a wide variety of fabrics on the market today, but with the latest digital technology by Azzura, it is possible to print on a wide variety of fabrics, both natural and synthetic.