Full-fledged high-volume model with increased
speed and design reproducibility



- Thoroughly developed stability for minimal downtime

Misprint recovery
Empty nozzle compensation function and proprietary image processing technology tackle problems that previously could not be avoided even with scanning printing.

Functions ensuring stable production
Equipped with head maintenance functions (printhead cleaning and empty nozzle detection systems). Achieves stable production and reduced running costs.

- Newly developed printhead for unprecedented detail

Equipped with a new inkjet printhead
Equipped with a new inkjet printhead
Employs a new inkjet printhead developed by Konica Minolta, global supplier of inkjet printheads. NASSENGER 10e is equipped with 72 (81 as an extra option) 1,024-nozzle inkjet printheads.

Design performance with striking beauty
Design performance at an all-new level thanks to flexible ink adjustments for small, medium, or large drop sizes, plus the ability to combine Konica Minolta's dark and light-colored inks. Excellent gradation and detailed printing, as well as faithful and beautiful re-creation of intricate, contiguous geometrical and other designs that have previously been difficult to handle.


- Diverse print modes

NASSENGER 10e offers print modes to suit your diverse needs for handling tight deadlines, high precision imaging, and high ink concentration/permeability.

Printing Mode 8colors 9colors
Maximum production speed 1120m2/h 1109m2/h
High production speed 654m2/h 643m2/h
High quality production speed 419m2/h~254m2/h 408m2/h~243m2/h

- Precise, fast, and user-friendly operation for increased productivity

Employs an intuitive wysiwyg user interface. The popular touch panel features straightforward and simple operation.

Precise, fast, and user-friendly operation for increased productivity

- Easy maintenance design further increases reliability

Conveniently designed for easily checking head carriage movement and printing status. Smoothly handle errors and quickly replace components.

Easy maintenance design further increases reliability

- High-quality ink for flexible color re-creation

8 colors standard (4 base + 2 special + 2 light colors) or 9 colors optional. Uses Konica Minolta's disperse-dye and reactive-dye inks with impressive color development. Optimally designed ink that maximizes printhead and printer functionality thanks to Konica Minolta's expertise as the only* supplier of inkjet printhead and printers in the digital textile printing market.

High-quality ink for flexible color re-creation

- Safety & environmental performance

The NASSENGER series greatly reduces environmental burdens compared to conventional flat screen textile printers.Konica Minolta Ink covers various certifications. Reactive ink:ZDHC-MRSL ver.2.0, bluesign®, and The Global Organic Textile Standard Ver.6.0(GOTS Ver.6.0) Disperse ink:ZDHC-MRSL ver.2.0, ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®, and Global Recycled Standard 4.0.

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Catalog Download

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