How is the printing speed?
The numerical value and unit notation for print speed depends on the printer model and printer mode.
Single-pass printer:It is indicated by the length that can be printed per minute (m/min). In this case, the width of the fabric is irrelevant, and the length does not change as long as the width of the fabric can be set.
Scanning printers:It is indicated by the area (m2/hour) that can be printed in one hour. Calculated by multiplying the maximum printable width by the printer and the printable length per hour.
What kind of media (fabric) can it be printed on?
Any material compatible with the dye type can be printed. However, it is necessary to select the appropriate ink for each material, and plus, pre-treatment and post-treatment are also the same.
Is it possible to print on knits and raised items?
Basically, printing is possible, but the thickness of the fabric ,the thread, the weaving method, the knitting method could affect the print quality.
We recommend that you test it in advance and confirm it.
What is the temperature of the dryer?
The temperature setting range is determined by the heat source and specifications. Also, it is necessary to set an appropriate temperature according to the characteristics of the fabric and the amount of ink. Please contact us in details.
What functions does the standard software have?
The system configuration of the Nassenger series is such that the print data edited on the client PC is transferred to the print server, and the server software manages the print jobs.
On the client PC, install RIP software compatible with the Nassenger series, which lays out the designed image data as print data.
Is it possible to output directly from commercially available software such as Photoshop?
Photoshop PSD data can be output, but it will be in channel format.
Generally, it will be output in TIFF, JPEG, BMP format.
Is there a specification for the client PC?
We have recommended specifications. There are also specifications for the OS. Please contact us for details.
What is the ink capacity?
We have 20L plastic containers for Nassenger8, Nassenger10, and NassengerSP-1, and 5L plastic containers for NassengerPRO120 in various colors.
What is the storage stability of the ink?
The expiry date is printed on the label of each ink container. Since the storage stability of the ink changes depending on the storage environment, please let us propose the details according to the usage environment of the customer.
What is the color fastness of the ink?
It varies depending on the ink and color, but we have cleared the standard fastness as an apparel product. Please contact us for details.
Is it possible to switch the ink type in the middle of use?
In principle, no.