Ink for inkjet textile printer Nassenger



- Product Summary

Ink for inkjet printer Nassenger. In combination with the Konica Minolta inkjet head, this is an excellent ink that not only has high ejection performance, but also achieves high color development, high-density printing results, and high durability.

- Main features

We have dark color ink, light color ink, and special color ink, enabling a wide range of color reproduction unique to inkjet printing.
From the design and development stage, we use safe materials through product assessment. In addition, various safety tests have been conducted, and the reactive dye ink has acquired ZDHC-MRSL ver.2.0, bluesign®, and The Global Organic Textile Standard Ver.6.0 certifications (as of October 2022).
Disperse dye ink has acquired ZDHC-MRSL ver.2.0, ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®, and Global Recycled Standard 4.0 certifications (as of October 2022).

- Ink type

Reactive dye ink Cyan、Extra Magenta、Yellow、Black、Extra Black、Ultra Black、Pink、Sky、Gray、Orange、Blue
Disperse dye ink Cyan、Magenta、Yellow、Black、Pink、Sky、Gray、Red、Violete
Acid dye ink Cyan、Magenta、Yellow、Black、Light Magenta、Light Cyan、Light Black、Red、Orange、Blue

- Compatibility with fabric

  Cotton Rayon Hemp Silk Wool Nylon Polyester Acetate
Disperse dye ink NA NA NA NA NA NA Excellent Good
Reactive dye ink Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good NA NA NA
Acid dye ink NA NA NA Excellent Excellent Excellent NA NA

Disperse dye ink=Acetate=Good
Reactive dye ink=Silk=Excellent
Reactive dye ink=Nylon=NA

- Commitment to safety

Safety is confirmed under the environmental policy of the Konica Minolta Group. It also complies with applicable chemical substance laws and regulations.

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Catalog Download

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