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Green Factories (procurement and production initiatives)

Green Procurement System

Implementing green procurement to assess the chemical constituents of parts and components and give preference to those with the least environmental impact

Green Procurement System

Konica Minolta operates a Green Procurement System in compliance with laws and regulations for chemical substances.
In the operation of the SIGMA Green Procurement System, the Group ensures its compliance with the RoHS directive,*1 and also rapidly complies with more stringent regulations on chemical substances in products by expanding its coverage to include substances of very high concern (SVHCs) on the candidate list for authorization and other substances restricted under REACH regulations.*2 Through these efforts in assessment and management of chemical substances in products, the Group is keeping an eye on trends in regulations and alternative technologies and is working on plans to eliminate hazardous materials in order to be sure it avoids risks.
In addition, in order to ease the workload of suppliers, the Group uses the chemSHERPA*3 scheme to define the substances covered in its survey. Moreover, the Group regularly holds briefings on trends in environmental laws and regulations for its suppliers to ensure understanding of Konica Minolta’s initiatives.

RoHS directive: Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
REACH regulations: Regulations enacted by the EU in June 2007 concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals, to consolidate existing regulations concerning chemical substances.
chemSHERPA: A scheme developed by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to facilitate the sharing of information on chemical substances contained in products in the supply chain. The Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium is responsible for its administration.

Main Features

  • Japanese, English and Chinese language support
  • Supports a standard chemical substance survey (chemSHERPA)
  • Separates the procedures for checking for prohibited substances and for collection of information on reported substances in products
  • Sharing of information from surveys and responses with business partners
  • Storage of communication records in databases ensures compliance through tracking
  • Simplifies the response to changes in regulations and substances subject to control

Environmental Collaboration

The Business Technologies Business has implemented Environmental Collaboration to establish strong partnerships through on-site evaluations and educational support for suppliers in order to strengthen suppliers’ environmental management.
This is an initiative to help suppliers develop independent environmental management. Konica Minolta employees go directly to suppliers’ factories and provide guidance based on assessment results for the management of chemical substances as well as to provide guidance in document management, including for measurement results and materials information.

Every year Konica Minolta provides education to suppliers’ employees and certifies those who pass as internal evaluators for suppliers. In addition, each year the Group also conducts e-Learning for new evaluators as well as paper-based follow-up education for existing internal evaluators.

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