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Reducing Environmental Impact in Sales Activities

Reducing CO2 Emissions Associated with Sales Activities

Introducing Eco-friendly Vehicles to Its Sales Fleet and Promoting Eco-driving

Konica Minolta promotes the management and reduction of CO2 emissions from the business vehicles operated by its sales companies around the world. The Group is promoting measures such as reducing the amount of travel through more efficient sales and service activities, introducing eco-friendly vehicles with low emissions of CO2, and eco-driving to reduce energy consumption.

Eco-driving Initiatives at a Sales Company in Japan

Konica Minolta Japan, Inc. has installed a vehicle operation management system in all company-owned vehicles. This system constantly gathers and stores data about the way company-owned cars are being used, including dangerous driving habits such as sudden acceleration and deceleration, as well as driving time, fuel consumption, and so on. Based on the data, drivers of company vehicles are given safe driving guidance. It is also used in eco-driving initiatives to lower fuel costs and reduce the environmental impact of company vehicle use.

Adoption of Renewable Energy

Solar Power Generation Initiatives

Konica Minolta is generating and using renewable energy at multiple sites. Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Belgium) N.V./S.A. has been generating electricity with a photovoltaic installation on the roof of its building since 2010 and uses electricity to power its offices and showrooms. Meanwhile, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc. built a photovoltaic installation in a parking lot in 2013 to generate electricity to power its offices. Solar panels have also been installed on the roof of the Konica Minolta Hachioji SKT R&D labs, which were opened in April 2014.
The amount of renewable energy generated in fiscal 2016 was 1,150 MWh (about 2.9 times the fiscal 2013 level) compared with the target annual power generation amount of 1,000 MWh (about 2.5 times the fiscal 2013 level). By fiscal 2019, the plan is to achieve a renewable energy utilization ratio of 1% of purchased electricity (equivalent to about 4,300 MWh/year).

Photovoltaic installation on the roof of the company building (Belgium)

Photovoltaic installation in the company parking lot (The U.S.)

Environmental Contribution Activities and Initiatives to Raise Employees’ Environmental Awareness

“Sustainable Day” to Raise Employees’ Environmental Awareness

Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S., a sales company in France, holds a Sustainable Day that encourages eco-friendly initiatives and participation in charitable organizations, in an effort to raise employees’ awareness of CSR. Enabling contact with various initiatives, such as education about environmental policies, the sale of honey harvested by the company, the use of eco-friendly vehicles (electric cars), and appropriate waste disposal, this event is an opportunity for each and every employee to gain even greater awareness about the creation of a sustainable society.

Beekeeping with the Aim of Raising Awareness of Biodiversity

Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S. has greened the roof of its building in Paris and set up bee nest boxes to keep bees. There is a tradition of valuing honeybees in France, and people understand the importance of beekeeping, especially in a city with such a high population density. The honeybees raised in these nest boxes help to pollinate many kinds of plants such as fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers in the surrounding area.

Moreover, the honey that was collected was bottled and sold to employees, with the proceeds donated to a charity fund. Through this initiative, the company is raising employees’ awareness of the preservation of biodiversity and also contributing to the community.

Supporting the Green Marathon, the Objective of Which Is Reforestation in Ethiopia

The Green Marathon has been held in Rennes, France since 2011 with the objective of reforestation in Ethiopia. In an endorsement of this goal, Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S. has continued to support the marathon since its inception.

The marathon intends to contribute to society in various ways, including the spirit of sport and the protection of the natural environment. It conducts an initiative to plant one tree per kilometer run by each participant, in order to support the restoration of forests in Ethiopia, a country where 1,400 square kilometers of forest is lost every year.

"Eat Green Week" Held to Improve Employee Environmental Awareness

Each year Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd. holds an event to raise employee awareness of environmental protection based on a theme rooted in daily life. This year, the company promoted "Eat Green Week." The aim of the project was to raise awareness that CO2 emissions are much lower for vegetable production than for meat production. Employees were encouraged to make greener meal choices, thereby reducing their environmental impact. Everyone who participated was able to deepen their understanding of environmental protection.

Eat Green Week promotion

Initiatives to Reduce Food Loss

Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S. held an event for employees whereby each person brought food that was lying unused in their homes’ refrigerators (food that was unlikely to be eaten, food nearing its expiration date, and food they did not know how to prepare), and the food was then combined and prepared. The event enabled employees to interact with each other and enjoy themselves, brought attention to the problem of food loss, and allowed them to share their ideas about solving this problem.

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