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Agricultural Support Solutions Using ICT

Konica Minolta jointly established Farm Eye Co., Ltd. with Yanmar Co., Ltd. in 2017. Konica Minolta operates an agricultural consulting business that provides field sensing and image analysis services for agriculture, diagnosis of crop growth, and proposed improvements for agricultural chemical use at Farm Eye.

With drones collecting data, Konica Minolta's optical technology and unique algorithms are used to analyze the field conditions and visualize the growth of crops. In addition, by linking the analysis data with farm machinery, fertilizer can be applied according to the growth situation. The aim is to stabilize the quality of crops and maximize yield, while contributing to the development of the agricultural industry.

Obtaining aerial views of fields using drones 

Visualizing the farming situation using sensing technology

Demonstration experiment in Akita Prefecture: Variable fertilizing eliminates growth differences on the farm, improving yield and quality

Chlorophyll Meters Contributing to the Management of Effects on the Environment from Chemical Fertilizers

The chlorophyll meter developed by Konica Minolta easily measures in a non-destructive manner the amount of chlorophyll in crops such as rice, wheat, and corn without damaging the plants. Periodically measuring the amount of chlorophyll makes it possible to practice appropriate fertilizer management according to the growth situation.
In this way, Konica Minolta contributes to the implementation of agriculture that is friendly on the surrounding biodiversity by avoiding the effects of over-fertilization on the ecosystem, including the soil and groundwater.

SPAD-502Plus chlorophyll meter

Evaluating Light Sources Related to Plant Growth

LED and organic EL technologies are attracting attention as next-generation lighting products. LED in particular has spread not only to general lighting, but also to plant-growing facilities.
The Spectrophotometer CL-500A produced by Konica Minolta can help manage lighting in plant-growing facilities. It can also measure photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) and the illuminance spectral waveform of light sources, in applications related to plant cultivation.

Spectrophotometer CL-500A

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