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Building a Recycling-Oriented Society

Konica Minolta's Approach

Konica Minolta's Approach

We will speed up efforts to achieve our long-term vision of "Using Limited Resources Effectively" that was established in May 2023. In increasing our contribution to reducing the use of natural resources,* Konica Minolta will promote work-style and manufacturing-process reforms by facilitating on-demand production, and imaging IoT that help make effective use of customer’s and society’s resources.

For example, in the field of commercial printing, the Company is providing support for the transition to on-demand printing, thereby transforming the business model of mass production and disposal. The widespread use of Konica Minolta products for small-batch, decentralized printing can accelerate innovation in the printing industry’s supply chain while helping to conserve resources and reduce waste. To promote collaboration with more companies, including customers and business partners, we will leverage DX to try to further reduce their environmental impact and build a circular model that is linked to their business model.
“Aiming for zero use of the earth’s native resources” is to reduce the amount of the earth’s native resources used by 90% or more by 2050. We will accomplish this by not only reducing the amount of resources used in our products, but also by proactively switching to recyclable resources such as recycled materials and biomaterials.

* Earth’s Native Resources:
Resources that involve new mining, such as crude oil and mineral resources, and are generally synonymous with depletable resources.