Giving Shape to Ideas SHOWCASE

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Giving Shape to Ideas SHOWCASE

Giving shape to ideas through technology and innovation.
This is how we are giving shape to the future.



Workflow Innovation
through Digital Manufacturing

Konica Minolta offers innovative work efficiency and quality improvements in the manufacturing process, including throughout the supply chain.


Monitoring Solution

Visualizing the Invisible

Until now, gas leaks have only been detectable by worker inspection, costing time, labor, and posing a significant saftey hazard. Thanks to a new detection system that monitors the flow of gases, a wide area can be inspected automatically around the clock, making it possible to quickly detect and respond to gas leaks.


Production Print Systems

Pioneering printing

Making the plates for normal offset printing was costly and time-consuming, and it was difficult to make changes. However, the rise of digital printers that didn't need plates and could manage data changed the printing industry's standard forever.


High Sensitive Tissue Testing

Nanotechnology to detect
cancer cell proteins

The number of cancer patients worldwide continues to rise. Responding to the need for effective diagnostic methods and treatments, research is progressing on HSTT, or High Sensitivity Tissue Testing to detect cancer cell proteins.


Pioneers Festival 2016

Digital technology is
changing the workplace.

The digital workplace is changing the way we work.
Working with startups from around the world, Konica Minolta presented digital technology designed to support the office at Pioneers Festival 2016.



Changing the future with
Digital Manufacturing.

Manufacturing facilities are evolving through the merging of ICT and automation. Learn more about the next-generation manufacturing systems already implemented at Konica Minolta's facilities.