Workflow Innovation through Digital Manufacturing

Konica Minolta exhibited at HANNOVER MESSE, the world's largest international trade fair for industrial technology, held in Hannover, Germany, from April 24 to 28, 2017.

Hannover Messe 2017 ended on April 28.
225,000 people from about 70 countries visited the venue.
Under this year's theme of "Workflow Innovation through Digital Manufacturing”, Konica Minolta exhibited its solutions that can transform manufacturing by visualizing, analyzing, and sharing data throughout the supply chain. Even more clearly than last year, we demonstrated to visitors the new value that we can bring to the industrial IoT (IIoT) era.

Konica Minolta’s industrial IoT

Executive officer Yuji Ichimura talked at the press conference about the significance of Konica Minolta's CPS (Cyber Physical System) in the IIoT. CPS enables real-time analysis and feedback through edge computing, using the data received from our unique input device.

An edge computing IoT platform supporting various workplaces

Konica Minolta exhibited the "Workplace Hub" edge computing IoT platform, which serves as a hub connecting the entire solution together across manufacturing, quality management, logistics, picking, assembly, and process management.
The Workplace Hub has caught the attention of many visitors since its debut at CeBit.

Konica Minolta's technology brings new value to quality management

Konica Minolta offers various solutions, including high-precision color measurement, color management throughout the supply chain, external inspection that partially automates the visual inspection process, and non-destructive inspection technology that can visualize the previously invisible structure inside of products.
Many people visited our booth and saw for themselves the new value we are bringing to quality management in manufacturing.

Konica Minolta keeps a watchful eye on manufacturing sites

Participants saw our demonstration of whole-process management at logistics and manufacturing sites, based on MOBOTIX cameras and 3D-LiDAR.
They experienced our solutions to visualize the on-site situation, analyze and share it in real time, and improve safety and efficiency in logistics and process management.

A hands-on demonstration of wearable communicators and robots attracted plenty of visitors

Our wearable communicator exhibit first ran last year, giving many visitors a unique hands-on experience. In 2017, it has been developed further to include RFID and collaboration with robots. The robots help the operators with picking, while the wearable communicators support mass-customized workflow.
The visitors experienced first-hand the benefits of our mass-customization-ready solution, which combines the best abilities of both robots and humans.

1Bringing innovation to manufacturing
through "Visualization, Analysis, and Sharing"
Digital Manufacturing by Konica Minolta

We detect the real state and movement of people and objects, visualize and share this data, and thereby "visualize real problems at the workplace", which will drive innovative efficiency improvements for work across the entire supply chain, as well as quality improvements.

Exhibit solutions

We demonstrate solutions
to benefit activities
across the entire supply chain
for each work process.

Workplace Hub

Data collection and analysis / sharing process automation

  • Quality management (Supplier)
  • Logistics: Receiving and shipping (Assembly Company)
    • Picking and assembly (Assembly Company)
    • Process management (Assembly Company)
  • Quality management (Assembly Company)
  • 3D AR HUD
  • Flexible OLED lighting
workplace hub

Data Collection and Analysis /
Sharing and Process Automation

The edge computing platform connecting the supply chain of the manufacturing industry and accelerating workflow innovation

This platform visualizes the status of devices and links those devices together using data collected from various devices, and analyzes the accumulated data to provide the information necessary for workflow innovation.

Quality management

  • Consistent supply chain management via quality data sharing
  • Automation and advancement of inspection

We propose benefits such as efficiency improvements and high quality control accuracy throughout the supply chain through the automation of visual surface inspection, color management with color/gloss inspection of automobile interior and exterior parts, and new non-destructive inspection technology.

Quality management

Logistics: Receiving and shipping

  • Receiving and shipping management with camera and ID

The demonstration lets you experience the benefits of our solution from arrival to shipment, such as improved safety and reduced errors thanks to RFID, combining car number authentication via camera with linkage of package data.


Picking and assembly

  • Using wearable devices to assist employees at work
  • Working together with robots

The demonstration lets you experience the benefits of collaboration between robots and people, the use of wearable devices to support work and collect data, and the use of analyses to bring innovation to the manufacturing process, from picking to assembly.


Process management

  • Improvement of line safety and operation rate via status monitoring

In a demonstration using the entire booth, we illustrate the benefits of a state monitoring system that collects and visualizes group attribute information and action data from workers, thus ensuring the safety of on-site employees and contributing to an optimum configuration/layout design for improving the operation rate.

Process management

2The world's first*
automotive 3D augmented reality Head-Up Display

In-vehicle HUD technology displays images directly in driver's field of view while they are looking forward. Current mainstream HUDs display these images on the car's windshield. Since HUDs can convey information that used to be provided by the car's navigation system and dashboard, but do not require the driver to take their eyes off the road, HUD technology is being actively developed as a means of providing information visually that will improve road safety.
However, if you wanted to display information directly on top of a certain point on the road using conventional technology, you would encounter a problem – the position where the information needed to be displayed would change as the position of the drivers' eyes shifted.
To address this problem, Konica Minolta has developed the world's first * 3D AR HUD (three-dimensional augmented reality Head-Up Display) that displays necessary information for the driver on the car's windshield in three dimensions.

* As a technology that allows the driver to freely display information on the windshield, at the most appropriate position for the driver in accordance with the distance to the object and driving speed (according to research by Konica Minolta)

If the eye position of the driver is misaligned, the visual information to display is distorted.
Displays necessary information accurately in 3D.

3Flexible OLED lighting for automotive tail lamp

The film type OLED lighting which film and camera technology have evolved. Main Characteristic of Konicaminolta OLED lighitng is "Thin", "Flexible" and "Lightweight".

Our flexible OLED lighting offers styling flexibility, safety, and light weight technology for automotive tail lamp designing.

The manufacturing industry is changing faster every day,
with developments such as the Industry 4.0 trend.
As your familiar innovation partner,
Konica Minolta will continue to innovate in manufacturing,
offering new benefits with a solution centered
on "Visualization, Analysis, and Sharing".

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