Innorvation for
42.195km for the runner is 42.195km for the family.
Innovation for 42.195.Innovation for 42.195.

Tokyo Marathon 2015 Socialization Project

his is an attempt to change the marathon, which was always a fight with oneself,
as an activity to enjoy with supporters by connecting through SNS.
Register your target time on the exclusive site in advance and automatically share
split times as you run.
We created a gift for participants in the original anniversary report, Finisher’s_Report.

Post the time every 10 km to SNS automatically.
Change avatars according to the pace of the runner.
Supporters can send uplifting comments through SNS when confirming the split time.

'FINISHER'S_REPORT' to summarize the uplifting comments and split times.
After completion of the race, print-on-demand through the KONICA MINOLTA MFP 'bizhub'.
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