The Green MarathonA Green Partnership Contributing to Reforestation in Ethiopia

Since its inception in 2011, the Green Marathon has organized a project which aims to reverse deforestation in Ethiopia, where an estimated 1,400 km2 of forest is lost every year. Held in Brittany in France annually, the marathon is founded on the values of sportsmanship, community, sustainability and environmental protection, and strives to plant one tree for each kilometer that participants run. Sharing the same values and driven to solve the same issues, Konica Minolta in France has been a partner of the Green Marathon from the very beginning, and strengthened its cooperation by becoming a title sponsor in 2013.

Taking place on October 26th last year, the 2014 Green Marathon proved to be biggest and most successful yet, with a record 5,000-plus participants competing in a number of events. Among the participants were some 200 Konica Minolta members, dealers and customers who took part in the full and relay marathons, and the Nordic and female runs, while members from the Konica Minolta Enterprise Foundation tested themselves in the Joelette Challenge (wheelchairs for sports race). The foundation was established in 2011 in order to give people with disabilities greater access to sport, entertainment, culture, education and work. The charitable and sporting efforts of Konica Minolta members and associates in France have helped ensure over 85,000 trees will be planted in Ethiopia over the course of 2015, a record-breaking achievement.

We will be back once again in Brittany on October 25th for the 2015 Green Marathon. Our partnership with this initiative brings us closer to an important environmental cause, and epitomizes our ongoing efforts to contribute to the betterment of society and tackle leading environmental and other social issues.

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