Coastal CleanupWho wants to live surrounded by garbage?

When it comes to the environment, it’s easy to say “I recycle” and think you’ve done your part. There’s a tendency to think that anything more won’t make a difference to such an enormous problem.

Not so for the members of Landcare Australia!

Konica Minolta volunteers joined Landcare’s coastal cleanup on a sunny December day, assisting in the rehabilitation of the Watermans Bay area by cleaning up along the coastline of this favorite local beach, and supporting new greenery.

Their efforts weren't simply to beautify the beaches, also to help re-vegetate land affected by salinity and protect biodiversity erosion by bringing back native trees, shrubs and grasses.

Unfortunately, there will always be those who litter and pollute, but when there are more people that take the time to recycle at home, pick up an aluminum can in the park, or find local volunteer groups there is a strong chance of positive change.

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