Pink Ribbon Campaign Working healthier through breast cancer screenings.

Do you know what the Pink Ribbon symbolizes?

It's become instantly recognizable worldwide as a sign of support in the fight against breast cancer, the most common type of cancer in women.

Even if you read no further, the main takeaway is that the longer breast cancer goes unnoticed, the more dangerous it is, and the earlier it's detected, the chances of surviving it improve by a great margin.

Back in 2008, Konica Minolta decided to use its digital mammography to do something about this, teaming up with several other companies.

Every year, a program among participating companies raises awareness by providing mammograms and health education about breast cancer for working women in the Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou areas.

There has been a rise in the rate of breast cancer in China, particularly affecting women working in corporate middle management. It is speculated that balancing work and family causes greater stress in women than men.

In an interview, one participant said “I had a friend who had surgery for breast cancer. I’ve never had a mammogram until this project came along, but I it was a relief to find out that my test came back negative. I’m going to be more careful with my health in the future.

A company’s growth is only possible through its employees, and looking after the health of those employees should be the company’s duty. With that philosophy in mind, the Pink Ribbon project has screened about 1,900 women.

Over the last 8 years, breast cancer awareness has gradually increased within China and Konica Minolta hopes to continue supporting the health of China’s working women.