Emerald Learning Program 2015Kids in Hong Kong get their hands dirty while cleaning up the environment.

Kids love to get their hands dirty. There’s no avoiding it.
But what if they could end up cleaning up the environment as a result?

Students in Hong Kong had the opportunity for some hands-on fun, while also learning about conservation and how to reduce our carbon footprint, thanks to the “Emerald Learning Program 2015”, organized by Konica Minolta and Green Sense, which addresses the importance of sustainability through education.

Now in its fourth year, the 3-day program gets them directly involved, whether with a look inside Hong Kong's first Zero Carbon Building, do-it-yourself activities like making soap out of used oil or food waste, or seeing exactly how rapid urban development directly affects the environment through the Tung Chung River eco-tour.

These are eye-opening experiences not only for the students, but also motivational for the program volunteers from Konica Minolta, who will continue doing their part for corporate social responsibility while thinking of new ways to engage students in learning about the environment.

For more information on participating organizations and how you can contribute, check out the links below.

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