CzechITas Project Women are doing IT! Thanks to the CzechITas Project

Go to any IT gathering in the world, and there’s one thing in common. It’s almost all men.
In the US, only 26% of people employed in computer and mathematical occupations are women.

Reasons such as gender discrimination and lack of interest in the field are cited for this disparity, but the more ridiculously sexist rationale is that women simply aren’t as suited to IT, and unfortunately, many women believe it.

Konica Minolta recognizes the importance of encouraging young women to pursue careers in IT by showing them firsthand that they are just as capable, with the right motivation.
Konica Minolta Europe has already successfully completed the pilot project of “CzechITas” in the Czech Republic,with the motto “Let’s target the balance. We can do IT together”.

Numerous workshops, many taught by women working in the industry, focused on teaching basic technologies in web development, programming, graphic design and data analysis, and participants were excited to find that they could learn the skills to compete in such a short time.

More and more women are discovering that a little encouragement can spark the motivation to begin a great career in an ever-growing industry.

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