Giving Shape to Ideas SHOWCASE


Giving Shape to Startups*’ Ideas
~ Innovation through Future Technology ~

Isn’t there anything we could do in a new field, without the confines of traditional business?
It’s in Konica Minolta's DNA to always be innovating, and the latest attempt is to create new businesses through the ideas and passion gathered at the Pioneers Festival.

Giving Shape to the Workplace of the Future

Pioneers Festival 2014 is all about collaboration with startups. With the help of augmented reality (AR) startup Wikitude, we took a peek into the “Workplace of the Future”.


Videos and animations viewable through augmented reality glasses or tablets/smartphones.


A multi-touch user interface that makes it possible for several users to conduct simultaneous operations. Thus, it enhances the interactivity between colleagues who are working remotely.


A electronic clipboard that instantly displays handwritten text and drawings as digital data.

Startup and Community Support

A workshop with startups has been made possible through collaboration with the Pioneers Festival. There were discussions on how much future value, along with challenges and business opportunities AR will create, and how to realize the workplace of the future.

Business Solutions made with AR Technology

From 2015 onward, looking ahead to the changes in our daily lives, Konica Minolta is attempting to create new businesses in the field of AR.
Our informational environment is becoming more personalized, and access to data is becoming mainly mobile. AR technology is creating a world where data is collected, processed and turned into the information on situations and personal stories you care about, accessible wherever you are.

A Platform to Create Innovation

To give shape to new ideas, Konica Minolta has set up Business Innovation Centers in four locations around the world. Unrestricted by traditional businesses, new 3-D printing, AR and Healthcare technologies are becoming a reality.

Startup: A start-up company or start-up is a company started by an individual or an organization funded by venture capital as distinguished from a conventional new business. A start-up includes a type of business that solicits external investors and develops a new business model aiming for rapid growth with the purpose of changing people's lives and the world through unprecedented innovation.

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