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Digital technology is changing the workplace.

As a manufacturer and provider of multifunction office equipment and solutions, Konica Minolta is working toward the digitization of the office known as the “Digital Workplace”.
Collaboration with startups from all over the world is already underway, and the technologies being utilized were on display at “Pioneers Festival 2016”, the largest event for startups in Europe.
We are looking ahead to the working style of the future and providing solutions that will support these new workplaces.

A new concept
for a “Digital Workplace”

What is a Digital Workplace?

Until now, employees in an office would work in designated areas according to their departments and roles. This was largely due to the idea that working in a single location was essential for a company to manage and maintain its staff and facilitate smooth communication.

However, thanks to recent innovations in digital technology, the merits of an office can be achieved without being confined to a specific location. For example, viewing important documents securely outside of the office or video conferencing over networks has already become commonplace.

This new working environment that takes advantage of digital technologies is known as the “Digital Workplace” and has been gaining attention in recent years. With the Digital Workplace, not only can individuals choose their own working environments, other benefits include reduction of communication costs, transparency of results and improved productivity for the organization and employees.

Taking on office challenges

Inevitably, the methods of solving office challenges will vary according to the conditions of the organization and the thinking of the employees who work there. This means that establishing a Digital Workplace requires an organization to analyze workplaces and listen to employees in order to create an optimal overall trajectory and choosing the right tools to create it with.

Konica Minolta has always taken on office challenges, mainly in the development and manufacture of multifunction office equipment. Today, we are working together with teams of specialists all over the world including universities, NPOs and startups. By combining our experience with the technologies and skills of these specialist teams, we have been working to achieve digital workplaces that can respond to almost any challenge.

A showcase of technologies to support the Digital Workplace

Sharing technologies
to change the workplace at
Pioneers Festival 2016

Pioneers Festival 2016 is one of Europe’s largest-scale events for startups to grow and present their ideas. The 2016 event was held on May 24th & 25th at a palace in Vienna with about 3,000 entrepreneurs, investors and corporate representatives gathering in a lively setting.

Konica Minolta has been a sponsor since 2011, making this our 5th year. Technologies developed alongside startup partners to support the Digital Workplace were on display at the Konica Minolta booth.

Workplace-changing startup technologies


Anyline (Optical character recognition SDK development)

Anyline is and Austrian startup that provides a software development kit (SDK) to developers for optical character recognition. Any kind of text can be accurately scanned using a smartphone camera, recognizing letters, numbers and even program code with high accuracy.
Being able to automatically recognize the text on packaging is advancing the digitization of many businesses.


NavVis (Room mapping system)

In rooms where the layout changes often, maps had to be updated more often than outdoors, and keeping costs down was a problem. In response, German firm NavVis developed an indoor mapping system that uses 6 digital cameras and 3 laser scanners on a trolley to drastically reduce costs and shorten production time. In response, German firm NavVis developed an indoor mapping system that uses 6 digital cameras and 3 laser scanners on a trolley to drastically reduce costs and shorten production time.


720° (Workplace environmental analysis and
optimization system)

720°, a startup from Finland, has developed a system that calculates and analyzes the temperature, humidity and air quality of a room. It rapidly sends feedback from the acquired data to air conditioners, creating the optimal work environment air quality. 720° also includes sensors that measure noise, and is working to create work environments with optimal sound levels as well.

The way people live and work continues to diversify.
In the same way, corporate work environments are constantly evolving.
Konica Minolta furthered its partnerships at the Pioneers Festival 2016 and is working to realize Digital Workplaces that can respond to any and all challenges.

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