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Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

In order to connect the promotion of diversity to the creation of innovation, it is important to build a team of employees with diversity in nationality, race, gender, age, and expertise, while also having individual employees with diverse experiences and perspectives. Konica Minolta believes in generating innovation by ensuring that diverse employees share ideas based on different perspectives.


Konica Minolta seeks to foster an organizational culture that affirms the identity of each employee and ensures that all individuals who identify as a member of a social minority group can be themselves, so that all of our diverse human resources can maximize their potential.

Key Measures

As a measure to “provide learning opportunities and strengthen awareness-raising activities in order to promote DEI Group-wide,” the Konica Minolta Group will work together on programs and networking activities to create a welcoming work environment for individuals who identify as a member of a social minority group.

In addition, Konica Minolta, Inc. will actively recruit mid-career human resources in Japan. When recruiting new college graduates, Konica Minolta will strive to ensure diversity in human resources by actively recruiting foreign nationals and Japanese nationals with overseas living experience.

Unified Awareness Activities of the Konica Minolta Group

Since fiscal 2017, we have used our company portal to promote understanding of DEI among employees of Group companies in Japan by regularly sharing articles including interviews of executives and role models, and best practices for promoting DEI within the Company, as well as by implementing programs company-wide.
Since 2021, staff in charge of promoting DEI in Europe, the U.S., and Japan have gathered to plan global programs, including programs linked to International Women's Day as well as programs held in conjunction with Pride Month* to promote activities that unite the Konica Minolta Group, including overseas Group companies. In addition, the Group also holds programs for Japan based on the global program’s theme to encourage more employees to promote DEI.
*June is recognized worldwide as "Pride Month," a time for promoting an awareness of LGBTQ+ rights, and various events are held globally.

Previous DEI Global Programs

Held Theme No. of participants
Unlock the Power of Diversity with Authenticity and Allyship
550 (held globally)
100 (held in Japan)
November 2021 RETHINK OUR WORKPLACE WITH YOUR VOICE 800 (held globally)
180 (held in Japan)

Fiscal 2022 DEI Program


In conjunction with international Pride Month, we held a panel discussion on LGBTQ+ issues again in fiscal 2022. Participating in the discussion were about 340 people from 24 countries around the world, including LGBTQ+ people and allies (supporters) from Group companies in the UK, US, and Australia. In Japan, we also held a program inviting LGBTQ+ people and allies as outside lecturers, with approximately 150 people attending.

The 2021 Global Program provided an opportunity for us to realize that the circle of ally activities has expanded from Europe to domestic Group companies in various countries.


We invited experts to discuss how we can solve social minority issues including the issue of race in the workplace and held a Q&A session with 250 participants from 27 countries.

The participants learned that to solve problems it is important to define the vision, visualize the existing situation with the use of data, create a roadmap to achieve the vision, and above all, to start with frank discussion, even about things that are difficult to discuss.

Networking Activities in Each Region

Konica Minolta welcomes the differences of each employee, including their race, gender, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, and ethnicity. Therefore, we proactively actively engage in activities to understand each other's differences.
For example, Konica Minolta, Inc. supports each employee to act through regional “supporter” activities to promote diversity that is more in line with actual workplace conditions, as well as cross-cultural exchanges led by Muslim employees.

Launch of the "Opportunity Cafe"; Japan

With the participation in the DEI Program held in Japan in June 2021, a network of volunteers was set up to study and think about DEI. We have had wide-ranging discussions about what Konica Minolta has already contributed and what it can contribute in the years ahead.
In fiscal2022, these network volunteers will take the lead in launching the "Opportunity Cafe," a place where they can interact with many more colleagues, deepen mutual understanding, and provide opportunities for all individuals to thrive. We held a total of 14 café sessions comprising seven individual sessions that covered these two themes: (1) understanding diversity, especially gender and LGBTQ+; and (2) creating a comfortable work environment for people with disabilities. We received positive feedback from participants, who said they were able to confront their own biases and re-examine their own behavior.

LGBTQ+ Network “Vibrant”: Europe, USA

Vibrant was launched in the UK in October 2020 and operates based on three core principles: wellbeing, education and networking. The online event “Christmas Social,” held at the end of 2021, fostered understanding of LGBTQ+ issues and recognized the importance of mutual understanding, with some participants commenting that the event helps to create a safer working environment. The global DEI program in June 2021 led to the launch of Vibrant in the USA, which is also working to improve LGBTQ+ understanding while promoting exchange with Europe.

Creating an Environment That Embraces Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Konica Minolta, Inc. is working to create an environment that embraces diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity. In fiscal 2018, we set up a counseling service for those worried about their sexual orientation and gender identity, and we provide e-Learning for all employees, which is carried out on our internal portal site. We are also upgrading our internal facilities and equipment to make them accessible to all.