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Standard desktop model with one standard tray. As a silver-halid type dry laser imager suitable for use at lower volume facilities, it incorporates all necessary functions into its compact body.

  • Silver-halide type dry laser imager
  • 1 Supply tray for 4 sizes film
  • first printing time 120 seconds, 45 sheets/h
  • Space saving design, small footprint 0.39m2

Standard desktop model with one standard tray

Standard desktop silver salt photographic dry laser imager equipped with a standard one-channel film supply tray.
There is a lineup of four film sizes (14"×17", 11"×14", 10"×12", and 8"×10").
The printing speed is 45 sheets per hour for the 14"×17" size. As a standard machine, it can be used at lower volume facilities.

DRYPRO SIGMA is standard desktop model with one standard tray.

All-around DICOM printer

As a DICOM printer, though small, it can be connected to a variety of equipment without any separate hardware and used as an all-round printer capable of meeting various printing needs in a hospital.

DRYPRO SIGMA is all-around DICOM printer.

Space saving design, User friendly design

The footprint of the main unit is 0.39 m2 and its height has been reduced to 463 mm, realizing a space saving design. This enables a smart layout even with limited installation space in a hospital.
The user-friendly design has been achieved by adopting cartridge film that can be easily replaced, a control display that makes the status easily understood, and so on.

DRYPRO SIGMA is space saving design, User friendly design.

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