Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

TRANSFORM 2016 基本方針 持続的な利益成長の実現 顧客密着型企業への変革 強靭な企業体質の確立 TRANSFORM 2016 TRANSFORM 2016 2014年3月期決算の総括 新中期経営計画「TRANSFORM2016」とは 3年後の経営目標と主要セグメントの業績予想 2014年3月期決算の総括 新中期経営計画「TRANSFORM2016」とは 3年後の経営目標と主要セグメントの業績予想 山名昌衛 山名昌衛 コニカミノルタ株式会社 代表執行役社長 Pause Play Our Management Policy 社長メッセージ動画社長メッセージ動画
Our Commitment Management's Message
Our Review of Operations Review of Operations
Our Responsibility Toward Sustainable Growth
Our Management Policy
The New Medium Term Business Plan TRANSFORM 2016

Basic Policy

Realize sustainable profit growth
Evolve the “genre-top” strategy and create value
Transform into a customer-centric company
Have customer insight and understand their needs
All actions and business processes of Konica Minolta should be based on pursuing customer value
Establish a strong corporate structure
Build a strong corporate structure by pursuing sturdy production operations and restructuring of corporate administration
Our Customer Success Stories
Special Feature : Business Transformation Results Case1 Combining IT services — Hybrid BusinessCase2 Powerful support for total optimization — Optimized Print Services
コニカミノルタのプロフィール - 沿革・事業分野・コア技術・グローバル展開