Annual Report 2014

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Environmental Initiatives 2

Evolving our Green Products

The Green Products Certification System is Konica Minolta's proprietary system for evaluating and certifying products with superior environmental performance. The Group has set targets to increase the sales ratio of Green Products in a deliberate effort to promote the creation of environmentally responsible products. In fiscal 2013 the Group created 39 new certified products, increasing the total number of certified products to 114.

Since fiscal 2010, the Group has also been operating the Green Factory Certification System, its proprietary system for comprehensively evaluating the environmental activities of production sites. All Company sites achieved Level 1 certification under the system by fiscal 2011, and eight sites reached Level 2 by fiscal 2013. We aim to achieve Level 2 at all production sites by fiscal 2015 and are working toward this goal.

In addition, Konica Minolta is promoting environmentally responsible sales and services with its Green Marketing activities. By providing products and services that meet customers'environmental needs, we are helping to reduce the environmental burden imposed by customers and society; by solving customers’ problems, we are promoting environmental operations together. These initiatives are key to both fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and achieving corporate growth.

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Green Products sales ratio

  • Environmental Initiatives 1
  • Third-Party Assessments of Konica Minolta