Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

Management Bases

  • Corporate Governance
  • Research and Development
  • Intellectual Property

Corporate Governance

Basic Approach

The Konica Minolta Group is continually working to strengthen its business and respond to the diverse expectations of society with the aim of increasing corporate value. The Group believes that the essence of good corporate governance lies in being accountable for its actions to all shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. With that understanding, the Group has established an executive management structure that responds flexibly to changes in the market environment to allow more rapid and appropriate decision-making on important matters. The Group also continues to improve its supervisory functions to ensure greater management transparency and soundness.

Management and Governance Structure

Konica Minolta has adopted a company-with-committees system, and separates the management supervisory functions of directors from the business execution functions of executive officers.

The Board of Directors includes four highly independent outside directors, who have no significant business relationship with the Group, and the majority of directors do not serve concurrently as executive officers.

Within the Board of Directors are three committees—the Nominating, Audit, and Compensation committees. To enhance transparency, all of these committees are chaired by outside directors, and, although executive officers are not forbidden by law from participating in the Nominating and Compensation committees, there are no executive officers serving on any of the Company's committees.

Board of Directors and the three committees (as of June 19, 2014)

Corporate governance system and management structure

  • Research and Development