Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

Our Responsibility

Toward Sustained Growth

  • Konica Minolta Philosophy
  • CSR Policy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Environmental Initiatives 1
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  • Third-Party Assessments of Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Philosophy

Becoming truly customer-centric

At Konica Minolta, we believe that for a company to be sustainable, it must create value for both society and itself by integrating efforts to resolve social issues with efforts to improve corporate competitiveness and profits. “The Creation of New Value” has been Konica Minolta's management philosophy from the beginning, and represents the very value of the Company's existence. To continue growing sustainably, over the next three years we must use the Company's traditions and culture of excellence to transform Konica Minolta into a truly customer-centric company.

The Medium Term Business Plan, launched in April 2014, outlines the goals for the Company five years down the line, in fiscal 2018, when the transformation to a customer-centric way of business is complete, and lays out basic policy through fiscal 2016 aimed at achieving the goals for fiscal 2018.

The 40,000 employees of the global Konica Minolta Group, representing diverse nationalities, languages and backgrounds, share the Group's:

  • Management philosophy
  • Pledge to customers of “Giving Shape to Ideas”
  • Six values that embody its strong traditions
  • Brand proposition “simply BOLD” and
  • Management vision in the new form of the Group's philosophy.

We are working together to achieve both the goals of the Medium Term Business Plan as well as our vision of being a global company that is vital to society and an innovative company that is robust and constantly evolving.

Konica Minolta Philosophy

  • CSR Policy