Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

Review of Operations / Strategy

Healthcare Business

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Sales of mainstay cassette-type digital radiography 1 systems grew in Japan and the United States, with deliveries to major medical institutions rising We built a business promotion structure for diagnostic ultrasound systems, a new growth driver

Both sales and income in the Healthcare Business climbed year on year. We have been shifting our business from analog to digital products in this field, and sales of digital products expanded, reflecting the competitive strength of our products.
Sales of mainstay cassette-type digital radiography system AeroDR remained solid with sales volume growth in Japan and the United States and a steady increase in completed deliveries to large-scale medical institutions. We have gradually increased the number of projects we are engaged in based on the collaboration we have been promoting with leading sales partners in Europe and the United States, including GE Healthcare.

Furthermore, making use of the resources gained following the transfer of the business from Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd., we established an integrated business structure for diagnostic ultrasound systems that spans development, production and sales. We pushed ahead with preparations for full-fledged business development in this field, which we position as a growth driver.

AeroDR Sales volume

Strategic CR 2 system sales volume

DRY film 3 sales volume

DR (Digital Radiography): Digital x-ray diagnostic systems
CR (Computed Radiography): X-ray radiography that uses an imaging plate instead of X-ray film
DRY film: Film on which a visible image is obtained by heat developing (processing)
  • Review of Operations / Strategy
  • 2. Growth Strategy