Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

Review of Operations / Strategy

Healthcare Business

  • 1.Fiscal 2013 Results
  • 2.Growth Strategy
  • 3.Segment Growth Potential

Provide one-stop solutions for modality1 (DR and ultrasound), integrated diagnostic information management, and locally connected solutions for small- and medium-sized hospitals and clinics

We will provide one-stop solutions combining advanced diagnostic equipment, including digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems and diagnostic ultrasound systems, with medical IT services to generate sales expansion in medical diagnostics equipment and build a network for small- and medium-sized hospitals and clinics.

In our mainstay cassette-type digital radiography systems, we will expand sales alliances with other companies and accelerate sales expansion in growing overseas markets. Domestically, we will use our firm customer base to help make medical care more efficient and more advanced through IT services and by better connecting local medical facilities. Furthermore, in diagnostic ultrasound systems, we aim to use our proprietary high-resolution technology to achieve genre-top positions in specific areas, such as orthopedics and internal medicine. As an initial step, we acquired a business and strengthened the business structure in fiscal 2013.

Sales forecast

Modality: The various diagnostic equipment used in the practice of medicine. At Konica Minolta, this refers to CR/DR and diagnostic ultrasound systems
  • 1. Fiscal 2013 Results
  • 3. Segment Growth Potential