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Environmental Initiatives 1

Enhancing the value chain based on risk and opportunity

Konica Minolta's Eco Vision 2050 is a set of long-term goals that looks all the way out to the year 2050, focusing on the three aims of preventing global warming, promoting resource recycling, and preserving biodiversity. In the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2016, an action plan for realizing this vision, Konica Minolta has set new priority themes and specific targets to be achieved by fiscal 2016. To achieve the fiscal 2016 targets, Konica Minolta is focusing on its “Three Green Activities”: Green Products (planning and development), Green Factories (procurement and production) and Green Marketing (distribution, sales and services, and collection and recycling). By creating environmental innovation at every stage of business processes, from product development to procurement, production, distribution, sales and service, and collection and recycling, we are enhancing corporate value while reducing the environmental burden posed by the Group.

Konica Minolta formulated the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2016 based on the idea that a company that creates value for both society and itself by integrating efforts to resolve social issues with efforts to improve corporate competitiveness and profits—that is, a company that practices CSV (creating shared value)—is a sustainable company that can meet the requirements of society in the 21st century. The medium-term environmental plan sets out goals for both the reduction of environmental impact and corporate growth. When defining the goals, a materiality analysis was conducted to identify important issues that affect both the environment and the Company, and the identified material risks and opportunities were incorporated into important themes and issues.

CO2 Emission Reduction Targets

CO2 Emission

Konica Minolta formulated the Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2016

Materiality (Opportunities)

Materiality (Risks)

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