Annual Report 2014

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Review of Operations / Strategy

Healthcare Business

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Continued growth in the digital radiology market, and expansion in the medical IT cloud domain, where Konica Minolta has strength

Digital radiography market forecast

Diagnostic ultrasound system market

Growth drivers in the Healthcare Business

Achieved genre-top position in cassette digital radiography, backed by strong products, and built a customer base amid clinics and small- to medium-sized hospitals.

The digital radiography market is projected to continue growing, but we are also making a full-fledged entry into the diagnostic ultrasound system business using our strength in high-performance probes1 to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of medical institutions. This market for this technology, which is distinguished by its low burden on patients, is expected to see strong growth going forward.

Furthermore, using cloud services in coordination with the Business Technologies Business, we are providing new value, such as the integrated management of diagnostic images and medical documents as well as network security, in a one-stop format. This frees medical institutions from the need to use different vendors according to their various needs, helping to increase operational efficiency.

Backed by strength in this kind of one-stop service, we will strengthen ties with existing customers while also focusing on obtaining new customers. In doing so, we will increase the number of our medical diagnostic instruments installed and our number of contracts for various medical-related services, expanding the business and creating higher added value.

Probe: A sensor that detects reflected ultrasound waves

Growth Drivers in the Healthcare Business

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  • Review of Operations / Strategy