Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

Review of Operations / Strategy

Business Technologies Business (Production Print Field)

  • 1.Fiscal 2013 Results
  • 2.Growth Strategy
  • 3.Segment Growth Potential

Commercial and Industrial Printing Business Field*

Create a service lineup to meet all kinds of printing needs, increase devices installed and printing volume at printing companies

We aim to increase the number of our products installed and print volume by offering unique print-related services. Our services, including the MPM1 services of Charterhouse Print Management Limited (headquartered in the UK), acquired in fiscal 2012, and the on-demand output services of FedEx Kinko’s Japan Co., Ltd., allow us to respond to the full range of printing needs of large corporations. We will use this advantage to provide optimized digital printing solutions to commercial printing companies. By doing so, we hope to increase both the number of our units installed worldwide and print volume.

We are also working to use our electrophotographic and inkjet technologies to achieve full-fledged business expansion in industrial printing, including textile, label and package printing.

Field name has been changed as of the year ending March 31, 2015.
MPM (Marketing Print Management): Service that offers print solutions optimized for customers' marketing divisions

Sales forecast

  • 1. Fiscal 2013 Results
  • 3. Segment Growth Potential