Management Members


Chairman of the Board Masatoshi MatsuzakiVitae  
Directors Shoei YamanaVitae  
Hiroshi TomonoVitae Outside director
Kimikazu NoumiVitae Outside director
Takashi HatchojiVitae Outside director
Taketsugi FujiwaraVitae Outside director
Chikatomo Kenneth HodoVitae Outside director
Ken ShiomiVitae  
Toyotsugu ItohVitae  
Seiji HatanoVitae  
Kunihiro KoshizukaVitae  
Toshimitsu TaikoVitae  

Executive Officers

President and CEO, Representative Executive Officer Shoei Yamana Responsible for Diversity Enhancement
Senior Managing Executive Officer Kiyotaka Fujii General Manager, Healthcare Business Headquarters, and Chairman Ambry Genetics Corporation
Senior Executive Officer Tsukasa Wakashima Responsible for Human Resources and General Affairs
Kunihiro Koshizuka Responsible for Technologies
Ken Osuga Responsible for Special Projects
Seiji Hatano Responsible for Business Management, Accounting, Finance and Risk Management
Shingo Asai General Manager, Manufacturing Headquarters
Noriyasu Kuzuhara General Manager, Material & Component Business Headquarters and Corporate R&D Headquaters
Yuji Ichimura General Manager, Industrial Optical System Business Headquarters and Responsible for BIC (Business Innovation Center) and Public Relations
Masafumi Uchida General Manager, Quality Headquarters and Responsible for Corporate Sustainability
Toshimitsu Taiko Lead officer responsible for Business Technologies Business and General Manager, Office Business Headquarters
Ikuo Nakagawa Responsible for Didital Workplace Business and IT
Kazuyoshi Hata General Manager, Corporate Planning Division and Kansai Regional Director and Responsible for Investor Relations, Corporate Branding, One KM Business Promotion
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Suzuki General Manager, Corporate Audit Division
Atsuo Takemoto Deputy General Manager, Manufacturing Headquarters
Hajime Takei General Manager, R&D Headquarters, Business Technologies
Richard K. Taylor President & CEO, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.
Takaji Ito General Manager, Corporate Business Management Division
Toshiya Eguchi General Manager, IoT Service Platform Development Operations
Koji Sugie General Manager, Professional Print Business Headquarters
Tetsuya Matsueda General Manager, Corporate Legal Division and Responsible for Intellectual Property, Compliance and Crisis Management
Kazumi Atago General Manager, Corporate Secretarial Division and Company Secretary
Hitoshi Kamezawa General Manager, Sensing Business Unit, Industrial Optical System Business Headquarters
Toru Hasegawa Deputy General Manager, Healthcare Business Headquarters and General Manager, Healthcare Business Unit
Jean-Claude Cornillet President, Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S.