Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

Review of Operations / Strategy

Industrial Business

  • 1.Fiscal 2013 Results
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Aiming to be the top vendor of measuring instruments

Expand genre-top position in LED/lighting to other areas

Distinctly thin and flexible, promising competitiveness as the next generation of lighting

OLED lighting

Growth drivers in the sensing and performance materials fields

As the leading manufacturer in display light-source color measurement, Konica Minolta has for some time provided the high-quality measuring instruments that are the industry standard. To meet measurement needs for LED lighting, which has seen rapid growth in recent years, we welcomed to the Group Instrument Systems GmbH, a leader in the lighting industry with strengths in technology and marketing, reinforcing our lineup of measuring instruments. As a result, we achieved the top position in the overall global light-source color measuring field. Going forward, we are aiming for the genre-top position in measuring object color, such as in automobiles and airplanes.

In Performance Materials, Konica Minolta has achieved world-leading light-generation efficiency with proprietary blue phosphorescent materials developed in the field of OLED lighting, hailed as the next generation of lighting. Aiming to develop the business in earnest in 2014, we have built a factory for the mass production of plastic substrate flexible OLED lighting panels, scheduled to begin production in autumn of the same year. This plant will employ a highly productive roll-to-roll manufacturing method1 for the world's first mass production of plastic substrate flexible OLED lighting panels with white color and color tunable functions. Using new value, Konica Minolta is cultivating markets in the next-generation lighting business with the aim of establishing a new genre-top business.

Roll-to-roll method: A process in which a long piece of film substrate is wound from one roll to another. A method for continuously forming patterns on plastic film to produce functional film
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  • Review of Operations / Strategy