Annual Report 2014

Giving Shape to Ideas

Review of Operations / Strategy

Business Technologies Business (Office Field)

  • 1.Fiscal 2013 Results
  • 2.Growth Strategy
  • 3.Segment Growth Potential

Office Services Business Field*

Increase capabilities to provide service and solutions, disruptive expansion of units installed and printing volume

We aim to expand sales and profit by offering more comprehensive services and solutions that better meet customer needs, and by strengthening relationships of trust through the improvement of customers'operating efficiency.

By offering digital workflow services tailored to customers'corporate scale, region, and type of business, we will contribute to their operating efficiency and thus increase the number of our devices installed and print volume. In our global OPS business, we will expand the service menu, promoting a shift toward service businesses in anticipation of the possible future decline in printing volume. We furthermore strengthened sales structures in countries where markets are growing, particularly China, India, ASEAN countries and Brazil.

Field name has been changed as of the year ending March 31, 2015.

Sales forecast

  • 1. Fiscal 2013 Results
  • 3. Segment Growth Potential